To be recognised internationally as a contemporary world site and Melbourne’s inspirational public space.

To manage and develop Fed Square to actively support and reflect Melbourne’s pre-eminent civic and cultural strengths.


Three-dimensional robots, droids and drones will patrol Fed Square with the launch of a new mixed reality experience.

Renowned for cultural attractions, world-class events and tourism experiences, tagSpace: Robots @ Fed Square is an augmented reality experience that will immerse Fed Square visitors in another world.

By downloading the tagSpace EXPERIENCE app, users will be able to hunt down eight 3-D robots, droids and drones across key locations at Fed Square.

Released in August 2017, the tagSpace EXPERIENCE app is like a web browser for the new ‘Visual Web’ – it allows users to view large-scale, public, mixed reality experiences in an outdoor location, capture images and video of the virtual content, and then share it through their social networks.

tagSpace CEO Paul Martin said, “We’re excited to demonstrate the tagSpace EXPERIENCE app at the iconic Fed Square.  It will give people the opportunity to feel the wonder and see the possibilities of this interactive technology.”

Augmented reality games such as Pokémon Go introduced the general public to the ability to blend the real and virtual worlds.

Visitors to Fed Square can interact with tagSpace: Robots @ Fed Square by downloading the free tagSpace EXPERIENCE app.  The experience is being provided in conjunction with Australasia’s premier innovation event, Pause Fest.

tagSpace: Robots @ Fed Square runs at Fed Square from Thursday 7 February – Wednesday 28 February.

Download the free app by searching tagSpace I Experience.


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