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Tuesday 20 August | 8pm - 9pm
Thursday 22 August | 8pm - 9pm



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The Garden of Horcruxes: a Virtual Reality Experience

The Garden of Horcruxes is a virtual reality sculpture garden inspired by the first dream of psychoanalyst Carl Gustav Jung and The Legend of Zelda videogame series. The environment itself is a psychoanalytic reading of The Legend of Zelda dungeons and their respective boss monsters. In Jung’s first dream he encounters a towering mound monster and later describes this as a subterranean God “not to be named”.

In the same vein, Link, the protagonist of The Legend of Zelda, enters numerous subterranean structures to defeat monstrous creatures that extend and diffract themselves in character and theme onto their domains as caricatures of fragile and condemned masculinities. The artist invites you to a floating garden where you can view these diffracted ego monsters – these “horcruxes”  – condemned for eternity in a dream-like prison.

Join us in Fed Square and experience this world first-hand through Virtual Reality technology!

The experience is rated M for mature themes.

Artist Info

Dr Tom Penney is a lecturer in Digital Media at RMIT University and contemporary digital artist. His practice involves 3D imaging, cross-reality (virtual and augmented reality) games technology, artificial intelligence and digital design. Tom was one of the first artists in Australia and the world to use 3D photogrammetry, laser-scanning and the game engine Unity3D for critical and experimental artistic purposes in post-internet and post-digital contexts.

His teaching focuses on skills development across digital interaction, immersive environments, experience design, media art and 3D imaging. This also involves critical media, aesthetic and political theory. He has shown work and published through exhibitions, journals and conferences including Media International Australia, The Feminist Journal of Art and Digital Culture, The International Journal of Contemporary Humanities, Federation Square, the Perth Institute of Contemporary Art, West Space, the Substation, Utopian Slumps and the International Symposium of Electronic Art.

His PhD research project “Critical Affection” developed an expanded notion of “critical play” and “affection-image” in digital media through contemporary art practice. Much of this drew on a series of artworks that critically represented online dating apps. His current research develops a theory of how digital experience design enables micro-fascisms across a variety of social media platforms. Tom has previously worked in an augmented reality fashion company, as well as teaching art and design at Curtin and Monash Universities.


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