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1 February 2012 - 26 February 2012 | Daily | 24 Hours




A gigantic, graceful kinetic sculpture by Dutch artist, Theo Jansen roamed Fed Square for the month of February in 2012.

Fed Square’s Creative Program presented the Australian premiere of the colossal sculpture, which has visited Austria, Korea, Taiwan, Japan and the UK.

Approximately twelve metres long, four metres high and two metres wide with wing-like sails, the wind-walking Strandbeest could easily be mistaken for a prehistoric mammoth skeleton.

A fusion of art and engineering, Strandbeests are giant, self-propelling examples of nervous systems. Mostly made of stiff plastic tubes and plastic bottles, they are equipped with their own artificial intelligence so they can change course to avoid obstacles.

While the fully constructed Strandbeest took over The Square, a display of eight Strandbeest ‘fossils’ were hosted in The Atrium Fracture Gallery.  These ‘fossils’ were also created by Theo Jansen to demonstrate the evolution of the Strandbeest from simple structures, to complex forms with a highly developed nervous systems.


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