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'Anything But Square' Community Film Celebration

Fed Square is delighted to be able to host a trio of community-sourced videos on our Digital Facade throughout late July and August. All are free to attend.

Enlighten by Julie Andrews

A short-looped video 3:13 min duration of a walking event which was used to produce the subsequent abstracted art video, which shares the simple human experience of walking as a metaphor for life’s journeys, departures and arrivals.

In this art project, a diverse group of people joined together for a public walk, which was filmed and edited to produce a gentle, intriguing and rhythmic video shared in public spaces. The work highlights, in a subtle way,  how diversity is an integral part of our community past, present and future.

Anything But Square

U C U by Genevieve Douglas-Byrnes / Amanda Whiteside / Joseph Leone

The video work is a collaborative process-focused project between Amanda Whiteside, Genevieve Douglas-Byrnes and Joseph Leone. Last year Joseph Leone and Amanda Whiteside created a series of distorted portraits exploring the ambiguity of identity representation in today’s oversaturated image climate.

They seek to push the projects material boundaries by ‘going 3D’ and projecting the subjects outside the confines of the gallery. The process of rendering 2D portraits into projected 3D moving figures opens up exploration of another dimension and reflects the impermanence of place. Mirrored reflections of the space ‘the body’ typically occupies at home, such as curtains and bed sheets, have been videoed and then entangled with digitally formed fluid shapes.

By meshing these raw materials with a rendered human figure, the artists respond to the unclear boundaries of the physical and digital world.  The distorted subject is tracked as they move through their merged physical and digital spaces. Direction and endless fluid movement becomes the subject’s motive, signifying a home that is transient.

Anything But Square

Feelings & Stuff by Cherry Malt

The project entitled “Feelings&Stuff” is a multimedia video using colours and motion to explore the idea of human emotions. Through the slow pacing and morphing of multiple colours this idea of human emotion is ambiguous, allowing interpretation to be relative to the viewer.

Anything But Square

Artist Credit

Header image supplied by Genevieve Douglas-Byrnes, Amanda Whiteside & Joseph Leone.

Feelings & Stuff image provided by Shannon Steuer and Cherry Malt.


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