Posted August 1, 2016

Global Peace Lights to display solidarity during the Rio Olympics at Fed Square

Peace Lights, a video-based art piece, will play nightly for 30 minutes at Fed Square for the duration of the Rio 2016 Olympics, with an additional 15 minutes each time an Australian athlete reaches the podium. The global initiative is a symbol of peace and non-violence, has been adopted by peace organisations in 15 countries including the New York Peace Coalition, and was screened at Fed Square for the 10 days before Christmas 2015.


Kelli Keating, Multimedia Screen Program Producer for Fed Square, said “We’re excited to be part of the worldwide initiative to raise awareness and solidarity for peace during the Olympic Games.  Peace Lights was very well received during Peace December and a lot of people were enthusiastic about what the lights represented. The lights are beautiful and the symbolism is very appropriate and timely.”

In less than one year, Peace Lights has been adopted by the peace organisations of 15 countries and endorsed by the United Nations “International Year of Light & Light-based Technologies”.  It has been shown at festivals, concerts, community meetings, religious services, large and small conferences, government-sponsored events and celebrations, awards ceremonies, public art events, fashion weeks, family gatherings, and during ceremonies honoring an icon of the American Civil Rights Movement.

“As an increasingly recognized international symbol of peace, Peace Lights has brought a solidarity of experience to people around the world,” said Sheikh Musa Drammeh, Chairman of the New York Peace Coalition.  “Peace Lights represents peace from December to December.  It is the most credible new symbol of peace that has been presented to mankind in more than a generation.”

With the commitment to show Peace Lights, Fed Square was the first of a number of venues worldwide to join in showing Peace Lights during the Olympic Games.  Venues will soon be encouraged to register online and have their names and locations added to a worldwide map of venues where Peace Lights will be shown during the games.

“We want people around the world to know that when they see Peace Lights, those same lights will be shining in Melbourne, Australia, with the same message and sentiments for peace,” said Peter Rogina, who co-created of Peace Lights with NYC-based video artist, Eileen Cohen.  “Wide propagation of Peace Lights during the Olympic Games will only amplify what is already a natural celebration of worldwide cooperation, shared values, and unity.”

As part of the initiative, touring artists are also being asked to have Peace Lights show during the times when people are entering and/or leaving their shows.  “The Olympic Games have entered our global culture and is widely associated with worldwide unity,” Rogina added, “Art and music are also universal elements in worldwide cultures.  This makes it perfectly natural to share a symbol of peace at art and musical events worldwide during the Olympic Games.”

Check out Fed TV for the Peace Lights and Rio 2016 screening schedule at Fed Square.